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Hello Embellishr. 

Embellishr, led by Owner and CEO Nicole Pape, serves as your trusted automated equipment expert, specializing not only in providing premium and basic preowned equipment but also with a primary focus on addressing your embellishment requirements. From the initial appraisal to strategic marketing, seamless selling processes, and the logistical intricacies of moving your equipment, Embellishr is equipped to manage it all. When the time comes for your next equipment upgrade, count on us to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition.


Nicole's journey in the industry spans over 18 years, starting with reclaiming screens for Reebok, venturing into manual printing, transitioning to automation, and eventually becoming a partner in a large commercial contract embellisher on the west coast. Her wealth of experience includes valuable insights gained during her tenure with the ROQ US team, where she delved into the nuances of new equipment manufacturing. This experience fueled her desire to address a niche problem in the industry, leading to the birth of Embellishr in 2022.

Co-owner Thomas Pape brings over 14 years of collaborative experience in building screen print and embroidery companies alongside his wife Nicole. With a passion for embroidery, he complements Nicole's screen print expertise, creating a harmonious balance. Thomas has firsthand insight into growing operations from the ground up, transforming businesses into prominent and well-respected contract embellishers.

Boasting a long-standing professional career in software engineering, Thomas spearheads Embellishr's tech side. His passion for technology and user-centric design has driven the development of a new platform set to launch in the coming months. With a dedicated software team under his guidance, Embellishr is excited to present a user-friendly platform, ensuring a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers for years to come.

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