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ROQ FIT 4 Color 8 Station

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February 2023

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About the Press

Operating on the super quiet and efficient Geneva Ball Drive, the ROQ FIT allows a single operator to output 400 pieces per hour at a 16x17" print area, and up to 4 colors. Since your Flash Unit can exist in the open spaces around your printheads, this configuration does not compromise the use of all 4 colors, giving you the most flexibility for all of those 4 Color Process jobs. This unit is great for those manual printers who are tight on space but cannot continue to afford burning the midnight oil with backbreaking manual printing. Take your work/life balance back and start printing smarter, not harder.

Number of Colors (max): 4

Number of Pallets: 8

2 Communication Ports

Maximum Print Size: 16.5" x 17"

Maximum Frame Size: 23" x 31"

Maximum Pallet Size: 17.7" x 27.6"

Maximum Frame Profile Size: 2" x 2"

Rapport Precision: +- 0.001"

Maximum Production Speed: 1000/hr

Air Compressed Consumption: 250 I/Min - 8.9 cfm + number of each printhead

Maximum Consumption: 2 kVAMachine

Diameter: 11.3'

Total Height: 7.72'

Minimum Width of Base: 2.67'

Get In Where You FIT In


The ROQ FIT is a true 4 Color 8 Station Single Operator automatic press that can fit almost anywhere! With an 11.3' Diameter, and a max output of 400 pieces per hour, this press will help you say 'yes' to more revenue without losing your profit on backbreaking manual printing anymore.

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