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InPro Tiger Clean Reclaim System

From the 6,000 brushes in Chamber 1 that gently massage the ink off the screens to the KorChem chemistry that works to preserve mesh tension, the InPro Tiger Clean it's quite the spicy unit.

InPro TigerClean reclaiming systems offer the very best in automated screen cleaning solutions. The third generation TigerClean systems are fully automated, modular and expandable by design to provide the highest quality in any application. With safety, dependable quality and flexibility being at the forefront of the engineering design, the TigerClean screen reclaiming systems are a cost effective way to optimize the screen washing process.

The cost- and time saving solutions for screen cleaning, reclaiming developing concepts, which means in practice: A range of fully automatic machines with one module and up to 5 modules

  • Modular systems which can be upgraded when needed

  • Possibility for integrated screen cleaning, reclaiming and developing in one machine

  • Simple in use and easy in maintenance

  • Minimized risk of ghost images

  • Highest safety and complete CE-Safe

  • Over 20 years process experience with many machines produced

  • No dangerous nozzles in the ink removal, that can create an explosion risk and get blocked quickly

  • Special Inpro intensive soft touch brushes for the best cleaning result without damaging the mesh and no need for an expensive filtration of the inks.

  • Environmental friendly and safe working conditions for the work force

  • Separation of the cleaning module(s) for minimized contamination and consumption of the liquids

  • Machines build for heavy duty use and are cost-efficient starting from 3m2 screens per day

  • Suitable for installation in production area

  • Possibility to offer customized screen cleaning/reclaiming/developing machines

Full automatic screen cleaning, reclaiming and screen developing concepts especially designed for the textile, industrial and graphic industry. We offer full automatic screen cleaning and reclaiming machines in our Tigerclean series.


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