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Lotus Holland Evo Compact Reclaim

The Lotus Evo Compact Reclaim booth utilizes a 3 Chamber system to clean up to 200 screens every 8 hour shift and save you payroll while increasing darkroom efficiency.

The Lotus Holland Evo Compact Reclaim booth can help replace one of the hardest roles in the production: darkroom reclamation. Historically, the darkroom reclaiming role has been less than glamorous and hard to keep staffed. At some point in time, you are either bottlenecking in reclaiming manually while you are outputting more payroll than you'd prefer, or you could utilize your labor in another area of your production to increase your output elsewhere, which is where darkroom automation comes in.

The Lotus Evo operates with 3 Chambers: 1. Ink Removal, 2. Emulsion Stripper, 3. Pressure Wash Clean. It reuses microbial chemistry so you not only diminish your darkroom bottleneck, but you also decrease your chemical consumption by 50%. You can reclaim 2 screens horizontally or vertically at a time and up to 200 screens in every 8 hour shift. Stop losing money on items that could be automated and increase your screens to press, all while decreasing the workload and stress on the heart of your production!

The Lotus Holland Evo includes complimentary installation performed by Lotus Holland, and is under Warranty with LH for 1 Year from purchase.


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