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ROQDry Run Standard Flash

This Standard Quartz Flash is ready to ROQ with a 16x20" cure area, it's perfect for that ROQ FIT or manual press.

The ROQ Dry Run Quartz Flash Dryer is easy to use for a manual press. Select the duration of the flash and the number of zones needed to flash, spin the garment underneath it, tap the foot pedal, and the flashing begins. Once it has completed the flash, the dryer will turn off on its own, which helps save energy and eradicate the possibility of burning the shirt, or worse – the shop.

If you have a ROQ Automatic Press now or plan to get one in the future, you can combine the power commanding cord of the flash to the foot pedal, and the press will tell the flash to turn on and off.

Cure Area: 16x20"

Electrical: 43 Amps Single Phase or 25 Amps 3 Phase

Plus: $500 Freight Charge

Includes: 3 Year ROQSolid Comprehensive Warranty

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