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AIT Screen Pro 600 CTS

The Single Nozzle all-in-one 60 second imaging to exposure with a small 6'x6' footprint for your operational needs at half the cost.

The Gen 6 ScreenPro 600, the ultimate Computer-To-Screen all-inclusive imaging and burning unit. With its advanced technology on speed and quality, to its small footprint for your darkroom, to its incredibly high-resolution Single Printhead with its industrial LED inline exposure system, this puppy images and burns your screens in 60 seconds or under.  

From holding more detail in halftones and line art, to cleaner vignettes and perfect hockey puck-like dots, the unit will image and burn your screens in under a minute with an awesome RIP Software to keep things well organized. 

On a unit like this, you'd be looking around a $900/month payment on 72 mo with CIT, meaning you are not only eliminating film from your supply list and time spent printing, BUT you are able to utilize that payroll differently to increase output elsewhere while the machine increases your overall shop efficiency and press print quality. Kind of a win-win as you grow.

Common Questions

  1. How many screens on average will 1 Liter of Ink accommodate? Lots of variables here. Average cost of a full size image is around .10 cents. A medium size contract print customer of ours has run around 75 to 100 screens a day for the past 12 months and just purchased their 4th liter.

  2. Replacement Printhead Cost? $4200. Easy self change within 10-15 minutes, aka no down time.

  3. Life Expectancy of Printhead? The GEN 6 head with our ink should last 4 to 5 years with no issues. Of course throughput affects life.

  4. Highest Temperature Ink can be at? For storage up to 85 F 

  5. What is the Ink made of? Distilled water, black pigment, glycol, and magic fofo dust (proprietary) there is no binder so it never dries in the heads.


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