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The ROQ ECO is the 'creme de la creme' in automation. Where the most luxurious operations, precision quality and speed converge.

The ROQ ECO is for those of us who want to have our cake and eat it too. It's just the best that screen print automation has to offer. From LCD Monitors on each printhead for Digital Registration, to Individual Lift Printheads, to 'Fly Mode' where all components engage 25% faster than the ROQ NEXT, you'll be printing precision, quality and double the revenue with the fastest output ROQ has to offer.

Number of Colors (min): 8

Number of Colors (max): 20

Number of Pallets (min): 10

Number of Pallets (max): 22

3 Communication Ports

Maximum Print Size: Depends on Model - 16x20", 20x28" or 33x39" Double Index

Maximum Frame Size: 25x36"+

Maximum Production Speed: 1,200+/hr + w/ Fly Mode ++

Air Compressed Consumption: 31 - 46 CFM Depending on Configuration

Maximum Consumption: 7 - 30 Amps 3 Phase, or, 48 - 72 Single Phase - Depending on Configuration

Diameter: 16.6' - 28.8'+ Depending on Configuration

Minimum Width of Base: 5.5'

ROQ Hybrid Digital Compatible @ P18+

Includes 3 Year Comprehensive ROQSolid Warranty - Covers Everything

Power in Numbers

1,200 / Hour

Pieces per Hour




Print Area


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