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The ROQ YOU operates on the quiet and efficient Geneva Ball Drive as a Dual Operator or Single Operator automatic press.

The ROQ YOU is the most universal press on the market today. Operating on the quiet Geneva Ball Drive, the ROQ YOU allows you to output around 450 pieces per hour with 1 operator, or kick your output up to 900+ per hour when you throw a second operator into the mix. The ROQ YOU comes in 2 different model sizes, the M for P10 and under and the XL for P10+. The M has a standard printable area of 16x20", whereas an XL model takes that printable area to a 20x28". The YOU is available in standard configurations, as well as scalable ones. Get a YOU 4x8, 6x8, 6x10, 8x10, 8x12, 10x12, 10x14, 12x14, 12x16 or a 14x16 to meet your shop needs. Double your production output and pick the configuration right for YOU!

Number of Colors (min): 4

Number of Colors (max): 14

Number of Pallets (min): 8

Number of Pallets (max): 16

2 Communication Ports

Maximum Print Size (M Models): 16.5" x 20"

Maximum Print Size (XL Models): 20x28"

Maximum Frame Size: 25x36"

Maximum Production Speed: 950/hr

Air Compressed Consumption: 12 - 18 CFM Depending on Configuration

Maximum Consumption: 6 - 22 Amps 3 Phase, or, 11 - 34 Single Phase - Depending on Configuration

Diameter: 11.8' - 19.2' Depending on Configuration

Minimum Width of Base: 3.67'

Power in Numbers

900 / Hour

Pieces per Hour




Print Area


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