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Welcome to Embellishr

Embellishr is a trusted Preowned Marketplace for premium garment decoration equipment brands. We offer a wide range of unique configurations and comprehensive packages. Shop used equipment with ease and confidence, knowing that all our Sellers are vetted. Whether you're a professional or an enthusiast, Embellishr is your go-to destination for high-quality preowned items.

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Our Services

Dot Pattern



Check out our inventory of preowned equipment, and our partnerships on new equipment to meet your shops needs at any point in your growth journey. From Automatic Presses to Dryers, to CTS and Reclaim, we got you.



Looking for extra resources while you figure out this thing called Embellishment? Check out our resources for tips, tricks, education, workshops, coaching, live events and more. We know knowledge is power. 



Ready for that initial upgrade? Ready to add more Presses to the production floor? Let us Appraise your equipment and host it for sale on our exclusive platform, while also marketing it to our massive database of print shops.


A Little More Personal..

We have had our fair share of experience in the screen print industry, which makes us well versed in the 'do', the 'don't', the 'what now', to the 'holy crap, can you believe we did this?!'

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